Macroom Massage & Holistic Clinic


Macroom Massage Clinic
Sarah Creedon

Happy customer 😁 got great relief for my back pain after 1st visit. Colm has great knowledge on aches & pains. Will only advise you on a re visit if its really needed otherwise its up to yourself & how your feeling.

Macroom Massage Clinic
Tiley T

The minute you walk up the stairs it's pure bliss and welcoming. Colm is very accommodating, has a wealth of knowledge and to have an all natural homemade ointments is a bonus. I would highly recommend him !

Macroom Massage Clinic
Alan Oshea

Colm was very obliging anytime we went to make an appointment and he did great work to help clear up my daughter injury. Great service to have in town and I would highly recommend Colm to any sports person

Macroom Massage Clinic
Noreen Murphy

Really great service from Macroom Sports massage. I received a lymphatic drainage massage to reduce swelling in the face and neck. I would and have highly recommended this service. Will absolutely be back.

Yvonne Pennisi

Colm did great work on my shoulder and back. |It was great to finally find someone who was able to release the muscles around my shoulder. Highly recommend and I will be coming back here regularly. Thanks so much

Macroom Massage Clinic
David Leahy

Highly recommended, with a fantastic relaxing environment. I went to Colm because of back pain from work and training. After the first session I could feel a huge difference, by session two I was pain free and have been since. Very professional and great understanding of sports injuries.

Macroom Massage Clinic
Risteard Toibin

Great service. Between doctors, specialists and other Physio’s I was all over the place for nearly three years in agony with my back after an accident. A friend referred me to Colm. After examining me I was told how many treatments I would need and what exercises I could do to help alleviate the pain from my back. I was also told what the real problem causing my pain was. Colm is a blessing. And his treatments work.

Macroom Massage Clinic
Mairead Murphy

I went for treatment for planter fascitis which was very painful and was limiting my ability to walk long distances. Colm was an absolute professional and used shockwave therapy, electro dry needling and special taping. I am so much better after his treatment and am now looking forward to long walks in Italy on my hols.We are so lucky to have such an expert in macroom.

Macroom Massage Clinic
Anna Björsell

I was so full of Stress & Anxiety when I arrived at Macroom Sports Massage. I had a stress relief massage & cupping with aromatherapy oils & blends made by Colm which is available to buy in his shop. The relief of tension exited my body & I felt like a whole person leaving the clinic. I took up walking for an hour every day & am now back on my feet in good mental health with thanks to Colm. I highly recommend Macroom Sports Massage Clinic.

Macroom Massage Clinic
Małgorzata Ejsmont

For several months I suffered from pain in my hips and feet. After first visit in March I felt a lot of improvement, after the next one the pain disappeared. I highly recommend!

Macroom Massage Clinic
fred lynch

5 Star experience - massage, cupping, sauna, personally blended oils & lotions and knowledge - the complete one stop shop for injury or pure relaxation.

Macroom Massage Clinic
Mónica Pascoal

I've met Colm for over 2 months to address some severe muscular pains due to stress and poor WFH induced posture. Colm's knowledge and full control of the therapies offered at this clinic were a life saver. The deep tissue massage and follow-up I had ensured that within 2 weeks I started seeing clear improvements which allowed the pain to become more manageable. I'd highly recommend Colm not only for maintenance, but also for help when you muscles are in dire need of some serious TLC. The location is very handy, the prices are friendly, and Colm is absolutely amazing at what he does. You won't go wrong 🙂

Macroom Massage Clinic
Micheal Bradley

Shoulder and neck pain and tension massively improved after only 1 visit.. Also gives great advice.. Colm really knows his stuff..really professional service.. Highly recommended

Macroom Massage Clinic
Noreen Spillane

Shoulder and neck pain and tension massively improved afI would highly recommend Colm, he did great work with my shoulder and back, it's a relief to be pain free. He 100% knows his stuff.ter only 1 visit.. Also gives great advice.. Colm really knows his stuff..really professional service.. Highly recommended

Shane Healy

Recommends Macroom Massage & Sports Injury Clinic. excellent service to have in macroom struggled with years of pain in my shoulder finally found a place that makes a difference with a big improvement absolute gent to deal with 👍

Rasa Lupandina

Highly recommended 👌 I had a bad/terrible back pain and it's magically gone after the deep tissue massage and dry needling. Thank You Very Much Colm! 🤩

Sharon O Leary

Colm is absolutely fantastic, I went with very bad muscle pain in my back , after 2 sessions of massaging and cupping pain is gone . Will definitely be back

Gavin O Gorman

Recommends Macroom Massage & Sports Injury Clinic. Just had a session with macroom massage and sports injury clinic. An absolutely amazing experience. Top class . Thank you

Noelle Dunne

I would highly recommend going to colm he is fantastic. ive had back issues since i started working at home and within 3 sessions the pain has gone he is great