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Relaxing massage

Relaxing massage is a complete body treatment where you can relax your skin and body tissues by applying gentle pressure, caressing and rubbing.

What is a relaxing massage?

Most massage therapies will relax you. With relaxation massage, relaxation is the only goal. Therefore, it is one of the most complete and beneficial massages for you in recent years. Definitions vary, but relaxation massage is usually a complete body treatment accompanied by soft music, soft light, and aromatherapy essential oils in Ireland. You will enjoy a long, luxurious massage using various massage techniques, including long massages, gentle kneading and rolling of skin and muscles, and perhaps a rhythmic swing from side to side. This is a passive form of treatment. For example, in Thai massage, you are unlikely to stretch or do any kind of yoga-like postures; all you need to do is lie down and enjoy it. If you just want to relax and be pampered, then this relaxation massage from Macroom is the best choice.

Who is suitable for relaxing massage?

An excellent relaxing massage can reduce muscle tension and fatigue and make you feel happy. This can be achieved through the general benefits of massage: it can improve blood circulation and blood flow, allowing your organs and skin to get more oxygen and detoxifies it; it also supports lymphatic drainage.

Whether its is a full-body massage or back massage, tis therapeutic, relaxing massage can relieve back and neck pain and dissolve stubborn knots and tight soft tissues. Relaxing massage can stimulate your body to digest food, eiminate toxins, and help you sleep to get better sleep. Massages of different kinds help one in relieving muscle soreness and sprains and helps heal minor abrasions on your skin. Relaxation massage will use this instinct and accompany i, or it is “delusion”.


Before you decide to relaxing massage

“Relaxation massage” is different, it is recommended that you call us beforehand to book an appointment and to find out what you will receive for your money. There is likely to be light music—a piece of relaxing music used to create the ambience of relaxation within specialized treatment rooms. It has no function other than creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Precautions for relaxing massage

Avoid large meals or alcohol before any massage treatments. Drinking plenty of water is also a good idea, which will help your body flush out toxins. Its also a good idea to give your masseuse the time required for a relaxing massage and not to feel rushed.

If you have the following conditions, be sure to tell your masseuse in advance:
  • If you are or think you may be pregnant
  • Have any underlying health or medical condition
  •  Recent injury or surgery
  •  Allergic to anything, especially skin allergies
  •  Broken skin or sores on the scalp
  •  Because it affects the type of oil and the treatment you get.
What a relaxing massage in Macroom can bring about?

Since this is a full-body treatment, you can wrap yourself in a towel or bathrobe. You lie on a padded massage bed or couch for therapy or during a massage treatment, and the masseuse cleverly uses placed towels to protect your dignity. Here in Macroom, making our customers feel relaxed and comfortable is our optimum goal. If you are very confident or want to have some clothes, please do so.

This is your very message centre. If you want to feel more relaxed, you need to feel comfortable! Our professional massage therapist will handle whatever suits you. The atmosphere here is also very soothing.

Like any other kind of massage therapy, relaxation massage is not discussed much. However, if you have any specific physical problems or are receiving other treatments, you should let them know.

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