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Discovery and Prospect of infrared lamp massage

Infrared therapy is a safe and effective method that can relieve pain and treat many diseases. It is a relatively safer, effective and also drug-free way for long-term pain relief. It is used to healinjured body parts.

Injury treatment provides many benefits, such as reducing pain, reducing swelling, and restoring the proper function of the affected body part. Other conditions that can be treated with infrared therapy include joint pain, joint swelling, muscle pain, spinal injury, nerve pain, and certainly sports injury.

Infrared lamp massage: health benefits and risks

Infrared lamp massage is used to treat pain and inflammation in a new and innovative way. On the contrary to ultraviolet rays that can damage the skin, infrared rays can promote cell regeneration. Infrared rays are delivered to the injured or inflammatory site at a particular wavelength that further encourages cell repair. Furthermore, infrared is far safer and undoubtedly painless. Therefore, it can provide a wide range of health benefits. Mainly it can penetrate the deepest layer of one’s skin and relieve pain.

Why is Infrared lamp massage widely used today?

Infrared lamp massage is used widely to treat a dentist, veterinary, autoimmune diseases as a form of therapy or as medicine. The treatment is safe and natural and can be used as an alternative treatment for various health conditions, such as muscle pain, joint stiffness, arthritis, and to name a few.

These include detoxification, pain relief, muscle tension relief, relaxation, improved blood circulation, weight loss, skin cleansing, reducing the side effects of diabetes, strengthening the immune system, and lowering blood pressure.

What are the risks associated with Infrared lamp massage?

People are exposed to infrared radiation in the form of the sun every day. Infrared therapy becoming more intense today, but experts warn of possible health risks associated with Infrared Therapy. Depending on the wavelength of infrared light, third-degree thermal damages may occur. Heat injury can occur without pain.

Pregnant women, heart patients or patients with underlying conditions should not go for infrared therapy. While using drugs as the primary treatment method, people often neglect the perks of Infrared therapy. Some experts usually warn against the use of infrared therapy as a treatment for chronic diseases. Although infrared lamp massage promises many health benefits, its research is not complete. At present, therefore, it should be treated as an addition to treatment, and other regimens should be continued as prescribed.

What is Infrared lamp massage?

This therapy uses specific wavelengths of light to treat wounds within the body.

Unlike ultraviolet rays, which has incredibly harmful consequences on one’s body tissues and cells,

Infrared rays promote cells regeneration and also repairs them. Infrared rays can improve blood circulation within the body, promotes faster healing of deep tissues.

One of the most critical characteristics of infrared light is penetrating the skin layers and providing deep tissue treatment that can effectively work as a pain Killer.

How does infrared lamp massage work?

Infrared rays can penetrate the inner layer of the skin about 2 to 7 cm deep. Therefore, it reaches muscles, nerves and even bones. Several studies have shown that the frequency of infrared light with a wavelength in the range of 700 to 1,000 nanometers is most suitable for treating inflammation.

The use of electricity for medical purposes began in 2,750 BC When humans use electric eels for electric shocks. The forces of electricity and magnetism on people has little effect.

Infrared treatment technology enables people to use sunlight without being exposed to its harmful ultraviolet rays. In addition, infrared therapy is safe and effective without side effects. Infrared is safe, even for babies in neonatal intensive care units.

Photoreceptors absorb infrared rays in cells. Once absorbed, light energy initiates a series of metabolic processes, triggering many natural processes at the cellular level in the body.

One of the most critical features of infrared is the use of nitric oxide gas. It is an essential gas used by bodies arteries. Nitric oxide is a potent cell signalling molecule that helps relax arteries, fight free radicals to reduce oxidative stress, prevent clot platelets in blood vessels, and regulate blood pressure. Therefore, this molecule can improve blood circulation and provide vital nutrients and oxygen to your body’s damaged and injured tissues.

This invasive, natural, and painless method can provide you with multiple health benefits without harming the skin due to UV radiation.

Infrared is the sun’s radiation that you actually feel when you are under the sun on a sunny day. The skin naturally emits infrared heat. Infrared has shown significant health benefits over several years, from reducing pain to reducing inflammation.

The increase in blood flow to different body parts allows oxygen and nutrients to reach different parts of cells, allowing them to function normally and effectively. Therefore, this therapy stimulates the regeneration and repair of injured tissues, thereby reducing pain and inflammation.

Advantages infrared lamp massage

  • Improve the normalization of high blood pressure
  • Stabilize blood and lymph flow
  • Relieve back pain, bronchitis and asthma
  • Helps relieve fatigue or exhaustion
  • Helps with inflammation of the ears, nose or throat
  • Relieve the pain of arthritis or rheumatism
  • Helps herniated disc
  • relieve pressure
  • Detox
  • Cell regeneration

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