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Cryo cuff cold compression therapy OR Cryo Cuff Ice Treatment

Cryocuff/ Cryo Cuff Ice Treatment, performed by an excellent piece of physio-therapeutic equipment that we have invested significantly to boost our customers’ Physio. Cryo cuffs are a cold compression therapy system ideal for treating swelling and pain in the knees, ankles, and feet.

It is usually done after surgery or during any physical recovery, for example, after total knee replacement, anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, knee keyhole surgery, and meniscus surgery. For ankle injuries, we use Cryocuff to relieve ligament tears, fractures and swelling post-surgery (such as bunion surgery, Achilles tendon repair surgery, etc.).

What is a low-temperature Cryo system?

Different types of clothes or wraps are used to target different body parts, such as ankles, knees, etc. These are applied to the affected area by our physical therapist, and the clothes are filled with ice water! When the cloth starts to fill with ice water, it further compresses the affected area.

You should be familiar with the acronym RICE, which is frequently used by physical therapy and injury management professionals: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.

Cryo-Cuff / Cryo-Cuff ice treatment is a part of Rice’s plan to use ice for compression treatment. It will Boost the Physio and also help heal if this treatment is done.

Cold therapy is an integral part of the PRICE injury treatment plan. The use of ice packs and compression cryotherapy in the acute phase can help reduce inflammation of joints, tendons, muscles, and ligaments and may also help shorten the recovery time from sports injuries.

Why is Cryo Cuff Ice Treatment useful?

The Cold Therapy Cryo Cuff Ice Treatment Unit can provide up to eight hours of cryotherapy for the required body part. This type of therapy is believed to have reduced discomfort from swelling while also improving blood circulation in that area. This is especially useful if you are injured or have gone through some kind of surgery and are in need of targeted pain relief without painkillers.

Cryotherapy or Cryo Cuff Ice Treatment, also called ice compress, is the simplest and oldest method for treating injuries. Because of its effectiveness, convenience, low cost and easy transportation, it is used widely worldwide. Ice is believed to have pain-numbing properties, or it works as local anesthesia.

It can also reduce edema, nerve conduction velocity, cell metabolism and improve regional blood flow. Its effect varies from method to method depending on the temperature, duration and depth of our customer’s subcutaneous fat tissues.

You may have numbness or tingling in your fingers, toes, or another injured body part. You will experience pain and redness from the freezing cuff or Cryo Cuff Ice Treatment, and it will not go away after removal. Consult a doctor if the condition does not improve for several days.

What you need to know:

Cryo Cuff Ice Treatment is a cold compress treatment. Like the blood pressure cuff, these cuffs are wrapped around the swollen or painful part of the body. Cryo Cuff Ice Treatment is filled with cold liquid. Cold compresses can help relieve pain, swelling and muscle cramps. This Treatment is used after injury, physical therapy or surgery.

The cold cuff ice treatment is carried out in the following way:

If You want, you can go through all these instructions before receiving Cryo Cuff Ice Treatment.
While We prepare a cooler for Cryo Cuff Ice Treatment by pouring ice water into the pipe of the cooler till it gets filled by ice water
, the insulating pan is inserted on ice, and the lid tightly closed.
Let the cooler relax for 5 minutes. Then it has to be Continuously stirred from time to time to cool the water.

Wrapping cold cuff ice treatment:

The cold cuff ice treatment pads are wrapped around the injured area to be cooled. Then all the straps are tightly strapped for a snuggle fit .The cooler is Unplugged after the ice melts.

How it is done and managed: Cryo Cuff ice treatment and cooler:

After your Cryo Cuff ice treatment is done under low temperature, we can further disconnect the tube from the cuff for continuous daily activities. You have to wear the low-temperature Cryo Cuff ice treatment wraps for the next 20 to 30 minutes, 3 to 4 times a day after getting treated.

Main features and advantages of Cryo Cuff ice treatment from Maceroom
  • Cryo cuff ice treatment is a Comprehensive method of freezing.
  • Combining cold compression and focus compression can give great results.
  •  A simple, gravity-based system is used generally.
  • It is designed to provide easy of mind and body.
  • All frozen cuff pads are compatible with Cryo cuff ice treatment.
  •  Including pipe components and insulating gaskets are also done here.
  • Compact size similar to wine barre which Compatible to all Cryo cuff ice treatment pads.

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