Macroom Sports Massage &
Aromatherapy Clinic

I am a registered therapist with the IMTA Irish Massage Therapist Association And ANMT  NEUROMUSCULAR AND MASSAGE THERAPISTS Register

I have had many years of experience in teaching & training martial arts. In my journey, I’ve gone through alot of bad injuries. So with the help of my own knowledge of pain & injuries, I’ll help you recover from any kind of pain through my massage using our specially formulated  with warmed up  essential oils.

Macroom Sports Massage : I am committed to offering quality products, unparalleled service and the most competitive prices for any product I sell within town. Great service begins with great people having industry experience, which is why my products are made by the best and most qualified professionals.


My goal at Macroom Massage Clinic is simple.
I am using customized massage therapy, aromatherapy, sports massage, and cupping therapy. I help my loyal clients get optimal health solutions and provide satisfaction to all our customers.
I am proud to announce that I have created a generation of happy and loyal customers who are always looking forward to spending quality time with me. All of my treatment plans are designed for your speedy recovery and Relaxation, Allowing you to quickly restore to the best level of physical function.

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ANMT registered


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